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This is how we roll

Farming for the future

Mixed farm with arable and livestock.

There is a mixture of Woodland, Marshland, Permanent Pasture, Arable Land, Lake and the River Lod

Sussex Agri Power based near Chichester are the farm contractors for all arable work

Bartholmews of Chichester supply all inputs and purchase all commodities

Sheep graze the grassland  

Tamworth Pigs in Woodland or Scrubland.

Free Range Chickens and Ducks 



The cropping at Mill Farm is generally made up of combinable crops such as milling wheat, feed wheat, oilseed rape, oats and beans. The produce of the farm is sold to Bartholomews of Chichester who market the grain depending on its quality.

Andrew is a BASIS and FACTS qualified agronomist, we also use an agronomist from Bartholomews to give an up-to-date opinion based on knowledge gained from other farms and trials.
Generally we opt not to plough fields and where possible utilise a Sumo Trio, that breaks through the subsoil mixes the top few inches of soil and then rolls behind to leave it ready for drilling seed. Sussex Agri Power then come and drill all the crops utilising the very latest six metre combination drill. This allows for a rapid coverage of ground and a very even germination of all seeds across the farm.

The farm has many different soil types even within an individual field therefore this mix of cultivation and establishment works well.
All crops are then stored and marketed under the Assured Combinable Crops Scheme and audited every year.


Lleyn and Hampshire Cross Sheep graze the grassland for limited periods of time therefore avoiding any detrimental impact on the natural fauna and flora.
South Devon cows and calves graze some of the temporary grassland during the summer months.
Lambing is usually around April, this minimises the length of time the sheep are kept indoors, turned out as soon as lambing and all necessary checks have been made.
Tamworth, Saddleback or Gloucester Old Spot Pigs roam freely in Woodland and Scrubland.
Free Range Chickens and Ducks.



Mill Farm Lurgashall Petworth West Sussex GU28 9ER

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