Information to stay safe whilst at Mill Farm

Mill Farm Lurgashall Open Clay Shoot 

Shoot starts at 10am with last entries at 13.00.

Cost is £20 per 50 Clays

Tier 4 Guidance regarding shooting grounds and CPSA Registered Shoots

Under Government Guidance issued last night we can confirm Shooting Grounds in Tier 4 areas can remain open for practice, pay & play in the following formats:

o      Individual practice

o      Practice with people within your household (people you live with)

o      Practice with one other person from another household



Due to Tier 4 government guidance all CPSA registered shoots must be suspended until further notice in Tier 4 areas.

Under the guidance coaching will be allowed on an individual basis or for multiple members of the same household. It is essential that COVID 19 Secure measures are followed at all times.

If you live in a Tier 4 area you must follow specific travel guidance including not leaving Tier 4 areas except where permitted under the guidance. Tier 4 areas should not be entered by anybody from a Tier 1, 2 or 3 area. Those members living in a Tier 4 area unfortunately cannot take part in CPSA Registered competitions in Tier 1, 2 or 3 areas.  Full details of Tier 4 guidance can be found on the government’s website (


To discover which tier of the alert level system you are in, and find out what the rules are - please use the government postcode finder ( to check.  


Please check our “Stay Safe Shoot Safe” guidance at Further information and updates will be provided when government guidance changes.

This pandemic has not gone, it is potentially there for all of us and hopefully by following the guidelines given below we can work around minimising any potential risk. Should you or any of your close family experience the symptoms of coronavirus, please do not attend, stay away and self-isolate as stated by the Government Guidelines.  We would rather miss your presence for one shoot than miss it for good.

Should anyone display any inappropriate behaviour regarding the Rules we have put in place you will be asked to leave. We expect everybody to socially distance sticking to the 2m rule and continuing this during your time on the shoot as it states, Keep Smart – Keep Apart.

Whilst we feel we have put in place, as best to our ability preventative measures to make staff and customers safe, it is up to each visitor to be responsible for their own safety and to respect everyone-else attending Mill Farm Lurgashall.

Payments to be made by card whenever possible or correct change only. We accept Visa and MasterCard the limit is £45 on contactless payments. There will be no catering, tea or coffee, the only drinks available will be cold cans of soft drink. There will also be no toilet facilities available.

We run a fibre wad only policy. Should cartridges be required you can purchase these however you must bring your license with you. Have this ready and a photograph of your license will be taken and the details of which can then be added to our records for cartridge sales however the photograph will then be destroyed.

You will be expected to park in the area directed, please do not park on the driveway then make your way to the normal shoot room where you will be expected to hand sanitise obtain a card and make payment. We will be providing scorecards; however, no boards or pencils will be given out to use, therefore please bring your own.

Ideally, we would like everybody to start from stand one and continue along until they have completed all stands. However, when the shoot starts it makes more sense for people to be on all stands ready to start Shooting. We would ask those who book in first to go to set stands and be ready to shoot from 10 am. It would then be expected those groups to then continue in a numerical order onwards from that starting point this would mean that if you were positioned on stand three initially you would shoot all the way to the end and then go back to stand 1 and stand 2 to complete your round.

We will operate a one-way system only under no circumstances whatsoever does anyone deviate from this. We will always ask you to follow the green arrows when completing a stand then please move away distancing yourself between the next stand you are due to shoot.

We would also ask that the same person within the group always operates the buttons. The exception being when that person is shooting. We would ask you to make sure that hand sanitiser is utilised as required, even if you are wearing gloves the application of hand sanitiser is there to reduce the potential for somebody else not to contract the virus or increase exposure/spreading.

We will regularly sanitise all the buttons during the shoot should there be any concerns then please do not hesitate to contact Andrew on (07525) 012031

Please be aware that during the lockdown period we are experiencing a greater number of walkers, joggers, horse riders than at any time. They have every right to use the farm in a way which they deem appropriate and hopefully for their enjoyment. Obviously, areas where shooting takes place is away from those designated public spaces however we would expect you to maintain a level of appropriate social behaviour to all those on the farm.

If it is required, if it is a concern or maybe just a good idea then please give us your feedback as this would be very productive and helpful, to maintain a safe environment for all others.

Please remember that should there be any problems on the day to contact Andrew on (07525) 012031




It is an offence for someone who is prohibited by Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 to have a firearm or ammunition in his or her possession at any time.  Section 21 applies to anybody who has been sentenced to imprisonment or to youth custody or detention in a young offenders’ institution for three months or more.  The period for which they are prohibited depends on the length of their sentence, if the sentence was longer than three years the prohibition is for life.  If the sentence was three months or more but less than three years, the prohibition lasts for five years from the date of their release.  It is an offence for a person to transfer, let or hire, give or lend a firearm or ammunition to someone whom he/she knows has reasonable grounds for believing to be prohibited by Section 21. 

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